Worth Reading: Automation Report From 1958

Are you afraid the network automation will eat your job? You might have to worry if you’re a VLAN-provisioning CLI jockey, but then you’re not alone. Textile workers faces the same challenges in 19th century and automation report from 1958 the clerical workers were facing the same dilemma when the first computers were introduced.

Guess what: unemployment rate has been going up and down in the meantime (US data), but mostly due to various crisis. Automation had little impact.


  1. My opinion is that automation doesn't cause unemployment per se: people need to work and will find something else to do when made redundant by technology. The issue is: what will they do? Some people will move to better paid jobs that require better skills, some people will move to worse paid jobs that require less skills, some people will move to new jobs altogether that didn't exist before. Up to you to guess where the majority will end up.

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