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Everything Is Better with a GUI (even netsim-tools)

Some people think that everything is better with Bluetooth. They’re clearly wrong; according to the ancient wisdom of product managers working for networking vendors, everything is better with a GUI.

Now imagine adding network topology visualizer and GUI-based device access with in-browser SSH to an intent-based infrastructure-as-code virtual network function labbing tool. How’s that for a Bullshit Bingo winner1?

On a more serious note, Stefano Sasso figured out the configuration file format of Graphite (Web UI/graphing tool used with containerlab) and created an output module that generates a Graphite configuration file from netsim-tools lab topology.

BGP anycast lab displayed by Graphite

BGP anycast lab displayed by Graphite

Adding a GUI to a netsim-tools lab is as easy as 1-2-3:

While you can use Graphite to create lab topology regardless of the virtualization provider, SSH access works only with libvirt-based lab (more details).

To use this functionality, upgrade netsim-tools to release 1.2.1 with pip3 install --upgrade netsim-tools.

  1. This would have been an awesome April 1st post; unfortunately Stefano created this functionality a few weeks too late. ↩︎

  2. Tighter integration “is on the roadmap”. ↩︎

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