Feedback: Materials

Andy Lemin sent me such a wonderful review of materials that I simply couldn’t resist publishing it ;) is probably my favorite networking resource out there. After spending years with other training content sites which are geared around certifications, provides a totally unique source of vendor neutral opinions, information, and anecdotes – the kind of information that is just not available anywhere else. And to top it off, is presented by a wonderful speaker who is passionate, smart and really knows his stuff!

The difference between an engineer who just has certs versus an engineer who has a rounded and wide view of the whole industry is massive. An engineer with certs can configure your network, but an engineer with all the knowledge this site provides, is someone who can question why and challenge how we can configure your network in a better way.


  1. I couldn't have worded it better - thanks Andy.
    It's the difference between a vendor-powered network 'technician' and a proper network engineer to me. Engineer It's an abused term in our network industry.
    It's THE next level knowledge stage and it's pretty rare these days as it requires an unconditional passion for the truth and thus for how things work rather than a practical interest for just making things work.
    This is also the reason why to me Certifications should never be part of a proper academic course on telecom/network engineering.


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