netsim-tools: New in December 2021

Tons of new things were added to netsim-tools in December 2021:

  • Pete Crocker contributed support for Fortinet devices. You can configure IPv4, IPv6 and OSPF. More details…
  • Jeroen van Bemmel contributed support for Nokia SR Linux and SR OS (including initial device configuration, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, and SR-MPLS).
  • I added Vagrant box names for IOSv, CSR and vSRX on VirtualBox. You still have to build the boxes, but at least you won’t have to change the default settings.
Starting with release 1.3, we renamed netsim-tools to netlab.

But wait, there’s more ;)

  • Hierarchical device groups
  • Device-specific module attributes (more details)
  • You can apply custom deployment templates to individual nodes. They are now deployed as part of initial device configuration, making them similar to configuration modules.
  • netlab initial command includes --fast option which uses free strategy in Ansible playbooks for faster configuration deployment.
  • Jeroen van Bemmel added multi-access (LAN) links to containerlab deployments.
  • netlab up creates vagrant-libvirt management network if needed further simplifying the installation process (contributed by Stefano Sasso)
  • Pete Crocker fixed XML definition for vagrant-libvirt to support labs with more than 10 devices. Current limit is 20 devices, if you feel you need more keep adding static DHCP entries and submit a pull request.

More details in release notes. To get started, read the installation guide and tutorials. If you feel like contributing to the project, start with contributor guidelines.

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