Feedback: Cisco ACI Deep Dive

In 2021, we completed one of the longest webinars: Cisco ACI Deep Dive (almost 13 hours of content1). One of the participants found it extremely useful:

I really like the technical detail of the webinar and the way it is composed. Mario also does a good job in explaining all the complexity in a clear way without oversimplifying. All the sessions help to build up an understanding on the inner workings of the ACI solution, because they deliver technical details in depth piece by piece.

I also liked his take on the value of this webinar:

I’m always amazed on how much other (offical) training vendors under deliver in their courses that cost thousands of dollars, compared to the real expert level stuff you’ve got here.

Hope you’ll like the webinar as much as he did – you can get it with Standard or Expert Subscription.

  1. … and within 3 minutes of NSX Deep Dive at the time this blog post was published, proving we give competing solutions equal airtime #justkidding. ↩︎

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