netsim-tools release 0.7: Cumulus VX, EIGRP, and BGP IPv6 AF

netsim-tools release 0.7 is published, bringing you the following goodies (including stuff published a week ago as release 0.6.3):

Other changes include:

As it looks like most network engineers interested in network automation use the Network2Code Slack team, I also created a #netsim-tools channel there.

This is probably the last netsim-tools release before the traditional summer break. Here are some ideas for future improvements, please feel free to work on them and submit a pull request ;)

  • Create a Python package to simplify the installation process
  • Package the Ansible playbooks and templates together with the Python source tree to minimize the pollution created by the installation process
  • Use a search path to find your own configuration templates (example: implementing unnumbered BGP session on Cumulus VX) during the initial configuration
  • Create a graph/diagram out of the lab topology
  • VLAN- and EVPN configuration modules

Potential new devices:

  • Nokia might release their SR Linux in container format;
  • Someone already mentioned vASA in #netsim-tools channel, and it looks like it should be relatively easy to create a Vagrant box… but there’s way more work to be done.
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