netsim-tools release 0.6.2

Last week we pushed out netsim-tools release 0.6.2. It’s a maintenance release, so mostly full of bug fixes apart from awesome contributions by Leo Kirchner who

  • Made vSRX 3.0 work on AMD CPU (warning: totally unsupported).
  • Figured out how to use vagrant mutate to use virtualbox version of Cisco Nexus 9300v Vagrant box with libvirt

Other bug fixes include:

  • Numerous fixes in Ansible installation playbook
  • LLDP on all vSRX interfaces as part of initial configuration
  • Changes in FRR configuration process to use bash or vtysh as needed
  • executing inline commands with docker exec


  1. I wonder if the cEOS will be added soon.

    1. I noticed:
      https: //

      It looks like the cEOS should be supported...

    2. See https: // for details. Maybe I should change "Arista vEOS" to "Arista vEOS/cEOS"...
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