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Planning the Next Extended Coffee Break

Long story short: is going on an extended coffee break on June 24th 2021. You can stop reading; the rest of the blog post is full of details you probably don’t care about.

What exactly does that mean? Honestly, we don’t know yet… but we felt that it’s only fair to let engineers considering our subscriptions know months in advance what might happen.

Also, after investing two lifetimes into this project, and a few planned changes coming just before our regular summer hiatus (see below) it’s time for a longer break. might be back to business-as-usual after a few months (unlikely), or it could be Ivan working on some interesting stuff (most likely) or slowly disappearing into the sunset (not impossible).

What planned changes are you talking about? Three years ago Irena Marčetič joined (making us a team for the first time). She quickly took over day-to-day operations, making it possible for me to focus on creating things I hope you found valuable instead of dealing with support issues, video editing, guest speaker logistics, and a dozen other boring things that need to be do to keep a business running.

The split of responsibilities also allowed us to create significantly more content, have more guest speakers, and run several online courses each year.

Irena was pretty open when she joined that she might move on in a few years… and decided it’s time to move on by the end of June 2021, giving me a perfect excuse to take a break myself.

What will happen to content? Nothing bad. Everything that’s out there will stay where it is, and we plan to keep going at full speed until late June 2021.

Here are a few guesses as to what might happen after that:

  • There are a few projects I want to see completed (more on that in Part 2… coming out in a few days), and some of them won’t be done by end of June;
  • Most likely, there will be some new webinar content in late 2021;
  • I don’t think you’ll see guest speakers (with maybe one or two exceptions) after June 2021;

What will happen to standard ipSpace subscriptions? As long as I’m on a coffee break I’ll keep extending all active subscriptions. The current plan is to give you 12 months of new content as promised… just not in a single 12-month block.

Anyone buying new subscription in early 2021 should therefore get the value for their money. However, you might decide not to renew your subscription if it expires in the following months, and we’ll stop sending out renewal notices on April 1st 2021.

On a totally unrelated topic, it’s almost exactly 10 years since I launched the subscription.

What will happen to online courses? There will be no change for existing course attendees. I will keep supporting you in your studies and review hands-on assignments… but it might take a bit longer than usual.

What will happen to Expert subscriptions? If you’re an existing Expert Subscriber, see above. We’ll stop offering new Expert Subscriptions before June 2021 because they carry a 12-month help-and-support commitment, and it wouldn’t be fair to promise that and then (partially) disappear.

What will happen to blog? How long do you think I’d be able to keep quiet? Of course I’ll keep ranting, and there are thousands of old blog posts that need to be cleaned up and refreshed.

What will happen to Software Gone Wild podcast? Nick Buraglio promised to take that over, David Gee volunteered to help him, and I solemnly swear I will publish whatever they send me.

We’ve probably missed numerous details when preparing this wall of text. Please let us know what we’ve missed in the comments.

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  1. Oh no! That's it, 2021 is already worse than 2020...

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