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Worth Reading: The Shared Irresponsibility Model in the Cloud

A long while ago I wrote a blog post along the lines ofit’s ridiculous to allow developers to deploy directly to a public cloud while burdening them with all sorts of crazy barriers when deploying to an on-premises infrastructure,” effectively arguing for self-service approach to on-premises deployments.

Not surprisingly, the reality is grimmer than I expected (I’m appalled at how optimistic my predictions are even though I always come across as a die-hard grumpy pessimist), as explained in The Shared Irresponsibility Model in the Cloud by Dan Hubbard.

For more technical details, watch cloud-focused webinars, in particular the Cloud Security one.


  1. Reading the article reminds me so much of this article I read a few years ago:

    There's so much irresponsibility (and insanity) these days in IT, and this one called it out like it is. You might like it too Ivan.

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