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Feedback: VMware NSX Deep Dive

The mission of is very simple: explain new networking technologies and products in a no-nonsense marketing-free and hopefully understandable way.

Sometimes we’re probably way off the mark, but every now and then we get it just right as evidenced by this feedback from one of our subscribers:

I was given short notice to present a board-level overview of VMWare NSX-T for an urgent virtualization platform change from Microsoft. Tech execs needed to understand NSX-T’s position in the market, in its product lifecycle, feature advantages, possible feature deficits, and an idea of the level of effort for implementation.

Fortunately, Ivan had just updated this webinar from last year, so the content was absolutely up to date. I went into my presentation with a surplus of knowledge, and was able to address all audience questions quickly and concisely, since the entire subject was now top-of-mind for me.

The VMware NSX Technical Deep Dive webinar already covers most of the “minor” NSX-T 3.0 features (complete list); I’ll cover the major ones (VRF Lite, EVPN, IP multicast, NSX federation) in a series of update sessions in late 2020.

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