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Explore: BGP in Data Center Fabrics

Got mentioned in this tweet a while ago:

Watching @ApstraInc youtube stream regarding BGP in the DC with @doyleassoc and @jtantsura.Maybe BGP is getting bigger and bigger traction from big enterprise data centers but I still see an IGP being used frequently. I am eager to have @ioshints opinion on that hot subject.

Maybe I’ve missed some breaking news, but assuming I haven’t my opinion on that subject hasn’t changed.

I’ve been writing, talking, and teaching about various aspects of using BGP in data center fabrics (including “do we really need it") for over five years, and I know it’s hard to collect all that information, so I did it for you in BGP in Data Center Fabrics resource page.

As for the hotness of the topic:

No wonder Apstra sees BGP-only data centers as a gift from networking gods ;)

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