Explore: BGP in Data Center Fabrics

Got mentioned in this tweet a while ago:

Watching @ApstraInc youtube stream regarding BGP in the DC with @doyleassoc and @jtantsura.Maybe BGP is getting bigger and bigger traction from big enterprise data centers but I still see an IGP being used frequently. I am eager to have @ioshints opinion on that hot subject.

Maybe I’ve missed some breaking news, but assuming I haven’t my opinion on that subject hasn’t changed.

I’ve been writing, talking, and teaching about various aspects of using BGP in data center fabrics (including “do we really need it”) for almost a decade, and I know it’s hard to collect all that information, so I did it for you in ipSpace.net BGP in Data Center Fabrics resource page.

As for the hotness of the topic:

No wonder Apstra sees BGP-only data centers as a gift from networking gods ;)

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