Worth Reading: Apple II Had the Lowest Input Latency Ever

It's amazing how heaping layers of complexity (see also: SDN or intent-based whatever) manages to destroy performance faster than Moore's law delivers it. The computer with lowest keyboard-to-screen latency was (supposedly) Apple II built in 1983, with modern Linux having keyboard-to-screen RTT matching the transatlantic links.

No surprise there: Linux has been getting slower with every kernel release and it takes an enormous effort to fine-tune it (assuming you know what to tune). Keep that in mind the next time someone with a hefty PPT slide deck will tell you to build a "provider cloud" with packet forwarding done on Linux VMs. You can make that work, and smart people made that work, but you might not have the resources to replicate their feat.


  1. Sadly, Linux is becoming as bloated as Windows.
  2. Or you might not be "smart [enough] people".
  3. Apple II is 1977
    Apple IIe was 1983
    Great machines :)
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