Network Automation with Nornir (formerly Brigade) on Software Gone Wild

David Barroso was sick-and-tired of using ZX Spectrum of Network Automation and decided to create an alternative with similar functionality but a proper programming language instead of YAML dictionaries masquerading as one. The result: Nornir, an interesting network automation tool formerly known as Brigade we discussed in Episode 90 of Software Gone Wild.

2018-05-30: Brigade was renamed to Nornir. As David wrote me: “just right after the podcast was published we got contacted by Microsoft engineers as they already had a quite popular Kubernetes automation tool called brigade as well so we decided to change the name of the project.



  1. Thank you for saving me some time by keeping the episode compact and without much giggling. I'm not even done with Ansible and there's yet another automation framework. So I'm a bit sick and tired about so many automation frameworks out there. Maybe someone could combine Ansible + Salt + Stackstorm + Brigade together and we would have the ultimate tool. It would go to the moon, I'm totally sure.
  2. Or pick the appropriate tool for the job
  3. Brigade seems to me as intuitive as Cisco's YDK. Till I figured it out how to use Brigade there will be the next automation tool around the corner. Nonetheless great one, captain Barbossa!
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