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Worth Reading: Robust IPAM

Elisa Jasinska covered several IPAMs in her overview of open-source network automation tools, and we had Jeremy Stretch talking about NetBox in the Building Network Automation Solutions online course, but if you’re looking for a really robust easy-to-implement solution, check out this document from 1998 (deployment experience, including a large-scale one).

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  1. I'm looking for an IPAM that works in the opposite way.
    Collect the routing table from the network and create an IPAM from the information

    1. Depending on vendor support. NAV from may do what you look for in terms of polling ip interfaces to create a "ipam". Although I would not call that ip management. It's more a "configured ip address database".

  2. It seems NAV still doesn´t support SNMPv3, yet?


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