Networking Trends Discussion with Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard: Part 2

In June 2017, we concluded the Building Next Generation Data Center online course with a roundtable discussion with Andrew Lerner, Research Vice President, Networking, and Simon Richard, Research Director, Data Center Networking @ Gartner.

In the second half of our discussion (first half is here) we focused on these topics:

  • How do you move from a single central box (load balancer or firewall) to a more distributed and resilient architecture?
  • How do we move from the overly large L2 domains so popular in some data center environments toward a more sane and resilient network architecture?
  • Does VXLAN help to reduce the layer-2 failure domains?
  • Have we started moving from high availability implemented within the infrastructure to highly-available application architectures?
  • Does vMotion between data centers make sense? Where?
  • What happened to SDN and whitebox switches?
  • Does the pure SDN architecture make sense?
  • Who is using whitebox or britebox switches?
  • What software are the whitebox customers deploying?
  • How much could you save with whitebox switches?
  • Is anyone running containers in production?
  • How do you get a container system that’s fit for production use?
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