Packet Fabric on Software Gone Wild

Imagine a service provider that allows you to provision 100GE point-to-point circuit between any two of their POPs through a web site and delivers in seconds (assuming you’ve already solved the physical connectivity problem). That’s the whole idea of SDN, right? Only not so many providers got there yet.

Now imagine they’re doing something really cool behind the scenes like using VXLAN with EVPN on the edges and MPLS/TE in the core (but only when needed) combined with leading-edge optical technologies. Welcome to PacketFabric.

Interested? Find out the interesting details in Episode 80 of Software Gone Wild with Richard Steenbergen, CTO at PacketFabric, and an awesome optical networking presenter… as you’ll quickly notice in the second half of the podcast ;)


  1. Console networks been doing it for a while and cross continent
    1. Not really, Console brings you to Cloud providers, but they don't give you the flexibility that these guys seemingly give you. Console is nice, in the sense that adding another region or another cloud provider to your existing connection, that's relatively easy and not a 3-months provisioning headache.

      This sounds quite a bit different.
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