Mini-RSA in Zurich, NSX, ACI, Automation…

I’ll be doing several on-site workshops in the next two months. Here’s a brief summary of where you could meet me in person.

A bit of manual geolocation first: if you’re from Europe, check out the first few entries, if you’re from US, there’s important information for you at the bottom, and if you don’t want to travel Europe or US, there’s an online course starting in September ;)

Mini-RSA: Gabi Gerber is organizing a 3-day technology conference in Zurich (Switzerland, not Kansas) in mid-May. The first day will be focused on data center and cloud topics, the second one on security, and the final one on hacking.

I’ll have the keynote on Tuesday morning and will hang around on Wednesday morning if you’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee.

NSX, ACI and EVPN workshop: I’ll run a half-day NSX, ACI or EVPN workshop in parallel with the first day of that event, so you’ll be able to attend all the keynotes, mingle with the other participants during lunch and evening, and discuss whether to use NSX, ACI, or EVPN the rest of the day.

My partner in crime will be Mitja Robas (some of you might know him from the last DIGS event or from the autumn 2016 data center online course), one of the few engineers with hands-on experience in rolling out NSX, ACI and EVPN in production environments.

June DIGS workshop: The next DIGS event will be in mid-June, and I can’t decide whether to do a workshop on Docker or network automation for non-programmers. A nudge in any particular direction would be highly appreciated (assuming you’d like to attend one or the other).

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