Becoming a Programmer on Software Gone Wild

During our summer team-building podcast we agreed it would be fun to record a few episodes along the “how do I become a programmer” theme and figured out that Elisa Jasinska would be a perfect first candidate.

A few weeks ago we finally got together and started our chat with campfire stories remembering how we got started with networking and programming.

Other topics of the podcast include:

  • What formal education would help you become a programmer?
  • Which programming language would you use and why would it be Perl?
  • How could you combine network-related work with programming?
  • Why does that make perfect sense, and why one might slide more and more toward programming.
  • How being a network operations engineer and a programmer enhances your career options?
  • How could a hard-code networking engineer start moving into programming?
  • Why it’s useful to start with an existing open-source project and modify it to fit your needs.

Want to know more? Listen to Episode 66 of Software Gone Wild.

On the other hand, if you want to build a network automation solution without becoming a programmer, enroll into my online course.

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