Why Would I Attend the Virtual Firewalls Workshop?

One of my subscribers considered attending the Virtual Firewalls workshop on September 1st and asked:

Would it make sense to attend the workshop? How is it different from the Virtual Firewalls webinar? Will it be recorded?

The last answer is easy: No. Now for the other two.

The crucial difference between the webinar and the workshop is the focus:

  • The webinar focuses on virtual firewall technologies and integration with the rest of the virtualized environment;
  • The workshop focuses on those parts of design, deployment and operational aspects that are impossible to cover in one-way communication.

More specifically, we’ll focus on these questions and try to find better answers than It depends:

  • Do you need a stateful firewall in every case or would a packet filter be good enough?
  • How stateful should the firewall/packet filter be?
  • Where do we need physical firewalls, and where could we use virtual ones?
  • Can we replace firewall HA with vSphere HA?
  • Virtual firewall placement in leaf-and-spine fabric
  • Service insertion and/or chaining
  • Changing security paradigm with microsegmentation
  • Do we need traditional firewalls if we have microsegmentation?
  • Does it make sense to use traditional firewalls on every virtualization host?

So, if you want to learn about the technology, watch the webinar. If you want to participate in a design/deployment discussion and exchange ideas with fellow networking and security engineers, register for the workshop.

Needless to say, the workshop participants get access to the webinar materials a few days before the workshop to help them prepare for the whiteboard discussions.


  1. why not to record the webinar? open source is the way these days Ivan...
    1. There is a recorded webinar. This refers to an interactive in person workshop where the logistics to effectively record/capture the content are more difficult.
    2. @Anonymous#1: Anonymous#2 totally got it.

      First, you need a recording crew if you want to have good recording (yeah, I did use GoPro a few times, but the quality is what it is).

      Next, if you want to publish the materials, you better get the release forms signed by every attendee... and them some of them won't ask any questions.
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