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Software-Defined Navel Gazing

Software Gone Wild podcast is well into its toddler years and it was time for a teambuilding exercise. Just kidding – we wanted to test new tools and decided to discuss the vacation experiences and podcast ideas while doing that.

On a more serious note: we’re always looking for cool projects, implementations and ideas. Contact us at podcast (-the weird sign-)

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  1. Loved the commentary on whether or not to transition into programming as that's been a nagging decision for the past few years. I'd love an entire episode on the topic. Thanks all!

  2. Hi Ivan.
    Long time listener, first time caller. Since you asked for suggestions on what listeners would like, I can't seem to find much information about why custom silicon (like Cisco ASICs), has less CPU power, but runs faster than X86 CPUs. I would love to learn more about router/switches hardware architecture, and ASICs and CPUs. Namely, what physical hardware is limiting SDN...

    I am a Linux networking sub-system fan, and am waiting for Linux to get better performance than proprietary solutions.

    I will be listening/waiting for your reply..

    Justin Wilson


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