Cutting through the IPv6 Requirements Red Tape

Few years ago a bunch of engineers agreed that the customers need a comprehensive “IPv6 Buyer’s Guide” and thus RIPE-554 was born. There are also IPv6 certification labs, US Government IPv6 profile and other initiatives. The common problem: all these things are complex.

However, it’s extremely easy to get what you want as Ron Broersma explained during his presentation at recent Slovenian IPv6 meeting. All it takes is a single paragraph in the RFP saying something along these lines:

The equipment must have the required functionality and performance in IPv6-only environment.

Problem solved (the proof is left as an exercise for the reader… or you could cheat and watch Ron’s presentation, which you should do anyway ;).


  1. yeah, very good speak and one of the best phrase for takeaway:
    If you don't support IPv6, you are contributing to terrorism ;-)
  2. Very good talk.
    I only miss some talk about Linux and OpenSource,- how's their status?
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