Help Me Plan Webinars

I had a sweet problem with webinars for quite a while: there are way more ideas than available time. However, a few days ago I stumbled upon a great tip on Trello blog and immediately decided to use it.

Result: list of future webinars as a Trello board.

Some webinars are already scheduled, for others I have the content almost ready. Some webinars are in planning phase, which means there’s a pretty high probability they’ll eventually happen, and finally there are some that are still in the let’s contemplate that phase.

I enabled voting and commenting for this board, which means that you can vote for a webinar (or more of them) or add suggestions or comments… as long as you have a valid Trello account, which you can easily link to your Google account.

Finally, if you have other ideas that are not on the board yet, do write a comment or send me an email.

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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