Video: Implementing VLAN-aware Bridge with OpenFlow

Reinventing the wheels makes little sense. Implementing old solutions with new tools might be in the same category, but at least it shows you the power and shortcomings of the new tools.

Building a VLAN-aware bridge in OpenFlow is thus a mandatory case study, and as you’ll see in the video from the OpenFlow Deep Dive webinar, it’s not as easy as it looks. For more details, watch the whole OpenFlow webinar (6 hours of in-depth videos), which you also get by buying Advanced SDN Training or subscription.


  1. Yes, you need to think about basic stuff (arp responses when OpenFlow switch works as L3 device, MAC rewriting). I used to play with OVS. I found hybrid approach more useful, when you want to add specific (not yet implemented feature) but preserve legacy (already invented features). We lack something "above", an upper layer of abstraction to express our need: provide connectivity for application from point A to B and add redundant path;)
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