RFC 7454: BGP Operations and Security

After almost exactly three years of struggles our BGP Operations and Security draft became RFC 7454 – a cluebat (as Gert Doering put it) you can use on your customers and peers to help them fix their BGP setup.

Without Jerome Durand this document would probably remain forever stuck in the draft phase. It’s amazing how many hurdles one has to jump over to get something published within IETF. Thanks a million Jerome, you did a fantastic job!


  1. Great timing! I'll be implementing BGP for the first time ever in production next month. Looking forward to reading this.
  2. Congrats Ivan on the RFC.
  3. I wonder why don't they (IETF) ever choose some interesting format for publishing RFCs to make those valuable and interesting :)

    Evil CCIE
  4. Congratulations, this is a great doc!
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