Snabb Switch and NFV on OpenStack in Software Gone Wild

Last September I received a peculiar tweet from Luke Gorrie pointing me to a software switch pushing 200 Gbps through an Intel server literally hours after I’d watched the Deutsche Telekom Terastream presentation, so I mentioned Luke’s Snabb Switch as a potential performance solution in an email to Ian Farrer… and before Ian managed to reply, Luke was already working for Deutsche Telekom.

A few weeks back Luke published an update on his software project. Snabb Switch will become part of OpenStack, and Luke claimed his switch could push 60 Gbps through VM appliances in an OpenStack environment – an excellent reason to chat with him about the progress he has made in the last year.

Meanwhile, an offhand remark planted a crazy idea in my brains – a podcast focusing on real-life SDN, NFV and SDDC architectures and solutions that work outside of the cozy environment of vendor-branded PowerPoint. Jason Edelman helped me with the name, and so the Software Gone Wild podcast was born, with Luke Gorrie and Simon Leinen starring in its pilot episode.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast – there’s more to come.


  1. Excellent podcast! Really enjoyed, looking forward to more :)
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