Troubleshooting Residential IPv6 Connectivity

Most ISPs rolling out large-scale residential IPv6 (bringing US to ~7%, Switzerland to ~10% and Belgium above 16%) agree it’s a no-brainer, but the rest of the world still hesitates.

To help the dubious majority cross the (perceived) shaky bridge across the gaping chasm between IPv4 and IPv6, a team of great engineers with decades of IPv6 operational experience (including networking gurus from Time Warner, Comcast and Yahoo, and the never-tiring IPv6 evangelist Jan Žorž) wrote an IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks document.

The idea itself is great, the implementation is even better: Jason Fesler created an IPv6 troubleshooting web site that you can point your customers to (or use a local – potentially branded – mirror). The web site checks the browser’s behavior and reports its findings with a simple error code that a totally clueless user can pass to the ISP’s helpdesk.

The rest of the document deals with specific actions (including Windows and OSX command line troubleshooting procedures) that have to be taken based on the initial diagnosis.

Have to admit this is one of the best troubleshooting approaches I’ve seen so far and a huge help in jumpstarting residential IPv6 deployments. Great job!


  1. and how is your IPv6 enabled residental connection doin' ? O:-)
  2. Thnx, trying our best! Remember that this is a 00 draft of the document, all comments, suggestions and ideas more than welcome :)
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