Slovenians presenting leading-edge IPv6 @ Google

Jan Žorž from is obviously a very successful IPv6 evangelist: not only did he manage to organize numerous IPv6 summits in Slovenia (which is probably one of the reasons Slovenia is the leading European country on the RIPEness scale); he’s also helped persuade the mobile industry to roll out pilot IPv6 services. Right now we have two mobile operators piloting IPv6; both dual-stack (with two PDP contexts) and IPv6 roaming are working flawlessly.

BTW, Jan still doesn’t understand the need to blog in English, so you all the links to his web site I’m including in this post are converted into English-resembling form by Google Translate.

Not surprisingly, such feats did not go unnoticed: Jan has been invited to present at the Google IPv6 Implementors Conference and managed to persuade Google to include an engineer from our local CPE manufacturer in the IPv6 CPE vendor panel.

I have nothing more to say than: CONGRATULATIONS & GOOD LUCK!


  1. Pipi, thnx for good words and wishes, we'll try to give out our best! :)

    Hope to have you presenting also in our november IPv6 summit, there are few interesting guests invited to join and/or have a keynote.

    You kind of earned permanent place in our summits; we had huge reduction of our local presenters on 3rd summit, but your presentations are way too interesting not to include them. Keep a good spirit, see you when I'm back :)

  2. Veni, vidi, vici. Done.

    Some pics:

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