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  1. I have a question as to why /64 is the boundary for VLSM that breaks critical functions such as RA, ND, SEND etc. For a home network, a /48 is a RIDICULOUS amount of addresses to have at your disposal. Why can I not make a couple of /120 networks in ULA space, have DHCP servers that can work with /120, and then get a PD DHCP from my carrier and let it autoconfig the GUA space for my hosts?

    It doesn't make much sense to me.
    1. The /64 boundary has special meaning only for SLAAC, everything else works on any subnet mask.

      As for /48 being ridiculous and a few other things, I totally agree with you, but the arguments have turned into religion years ago - just join any major IPv6 mailing list (v6ops comes to mind) and enjoy the show.
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