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Webinars in 2013

As you know, I’m promising my subscribers 4-6 new sessions a year. 2013 definitely wasn’t a bad year in that respect ;)

The year started with IPv6 Transition Mechanisms, and virtual firewalls.

There was a deep dive into scale-out architectures and load balancing in April, and the mandatory Data Center Fabrics Update session in May.

In June, Tore Anderson joined me for a free IPv6-only Data Centers webinar.

Autumn webinars were focused on virtual networks, starting with a brand-new Overlay Virtual Networking, an update session of Introduction to Virtualized Networking, and concluding with a totally redesigned Cloud Computing Networking webinar.

Sponsored webinars really took off in 2013, starting with ProgrammableFlow Deep Dive. I described creative routing Enterasys uses in their fabric solutions in June, and dived deep into the VMware NSX architecture with Brad Hedlund in September.

NEC was definitely the sponsor-of-the year. They not only sponsored two webinars (and another one in January 2013), they decided to focus on technology webinars that will benefit the whole SDN community, not just the users of their products. Thank you!

Finally, a huge thank you to my students – your trust in my webinars, your positive feedback, the fantastic questions you ask during the live sessions, and your kind emails keep me going. All the best in 2014!

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