Server Guy’s Guide to Virtual Networks

I was asked to do a short virtual networking presentation during this year’s Microsoft NT Conference in Slovenia. Most of the audience were server and virtualization administrators, having anywhere from zero to pretty decent networking knowledge; getting the right balance of basics and interesting features was a struggle.

They told me the end result wasn’t that bad. It’s a bit Microsoft-biased, but applies equally well to VMware (be it vSphere/VXLAN or Open vSwitch/NVP combo).


  1. Great presentation, two of the things I took home with me:

    - consider buying virtual appliances (the way of the future),
    - two 10GB NICs per server should be enough.
  2. CCIE Emeritus? Do you mean you no longer recert?
    1. Yes. See
  3. Wow... What if we turned this presentation 180 degrees and treated the network team in such a manner? There would be calls to hang the presenter.

    The reality is the datacenter/cloud network designs of the next generation will originate out of the service orchestration and virtual teams to be implemented by network services.

    1. Well, I had ~80 people in the room and I survived ;)

      Honestly, I think you missed the point. We all need to learn about adjacent technologies - why do you think I do things on load balancing, HTTP or storage?

      Finally, if you think someone feels offended every time someone else tries to explain pretty complex topic in simple terms, that's not my problem.
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