Blog Posts in November 2012

Stackable Data Center Switches? Do the Math!

Imagine you have a typical 2-tier data center network (because 3-tier is so last millennium): layer-2 top-of-rack switches redundantly connected to a pair of core switches running MLAG (to get around spanning tree limitations) and IP forwarding between VLANs.

Next thing you know, a rep from your favorite vendor comes along and says: “did you know you could connect all ToR switches into a virtual fabric and manage them as a single entity?” Is that a good idea?

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IPv6 On-Link Determination

What Is It And Why Do We Need It?

When an IPv4/IPv6 host wants to send a packet to another host, it has to answer the following simple questions:

  • Can I reach the destination IP address directly (is the destination on the same LAN/subnet)?
  • If not, who will help me forward the packet (who is the first-hop router)?

In IPv4 world, the host can get all the information it needs through DHCP. In IPv6 world, things are way more complex (but also way more correct if you’re a theoretician).

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What Exactly Are Virtual Firewalls?

Kaage added a great comment to my Virtual Firewall Taxonomy post:

And many of physical firewalls can be virtualized. One physical firewall can have multiple virtual firewalls inside. They all have their own routing table, rule base and management interface.

He’s absolutely right, but there’s a huge difference between security contexts (to use the ASA terminology) and firewalls running in VMs.

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More real-life DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation gotchas

The murky details of IPv6 implementations never crop up till you start deploying it (or, as Randy Bush recently wrote: “it is cheering to see that the ipv6 ivory tower still stands despite years of attack by reality”).

Here’s another one: in theory the prefixes delegated through DHCPv6 should be static and permanently assigned to the customers for long periods of time.

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DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation, RADIUS and Shared Usernames

Jernej Horvat sent me the following question:

I know DHCPv6-based prefix delegation should be as stable as possible, so I plan to include the delegated prefix in my RADIUS database. However, for legacy reasons each username can have up to four concurrent PPPoE sessions. How will that work with DHCPv6 IA_PD?

Short answer: worst case, DHCPv6 prefix delegation will be royally broken.

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IP packet delivery confirmation

Thomas wanted to check whether the IP traffic is actually delivered to a remote site and sent me the following question:

I would like to know whether the packets I sent from site A to site B have been received. I don't want to create test traffic using ip sla, I would like to know that the production traffic has been delivered. I could use ACL counters but I'm running a full mesh of tens of sites. Ipanema does this very well, but I'm surprised that this doesn’t exist on Cisco IOS.

Short answer: that’s not how Internet works.

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