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IPv6 over PPPoE works great with IOS XE 3.7

Beatrice Ghorra (@beebux) was kind enough to share the results of her IPv6-over-PPPoE tests with me.

Short summary: everything works as expected on ASR 1K running IOS XE 3.7.

I have tested PPPoE v4/v6 in a 6VPE context on an ASR 1006 with IOS-XE 3.7 (which enables this feature). I have successfully received a Delegated V6 Prefix as well as a Framed IPv6 Route on my CPE via Radius. The DHCPv6 works great on the ASR1K and is now VRF aware (but there is no need to put it in a VRF in our case). Both IPv4/IPv6 sessions are up and running and I can see all routes in both address-families in the VRF which was also received in a Radius Attribute.

Great job, Cisco! Congratulations to the IPv6 teams! Now let’s make sure all these features work in 15.2M ;)

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  1. I have a question like :

    Whenever PPPoE session comes up , then why does the sh ip route does not show routes installed by ppp ?
    I have a normal pppoe config with Dialer on CPE side and Virtual-Template on Server side .
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