Analyst-driven IPv6 deployment

Straight from the rumor mill (source, translated):

One of German ISPs is actually quite busy rolling out IPv6 after their CFO got a call from a stock analyst right during the RIPE meeting, asking questions “so what are your IPv6 plans?” – “none, what is IPv6?” – “oh, this is not so good”… full panic down the management chain…

Proves the everlasting wisdom from Martin Levy (source, the rest of article is not worth reading):

You can either do a planned, careful migration, or you can do it in a panic. And you should know full well that panicking is more expensive.

Just in case you’ll be pushed into the panic mode: my webinars include intro for enterprises, intro for service providers and in-depth design/deployment webinar.


  1. The webinars are execellent. I went through the iPv6 and Virtulization recordings. I recently completed an IPv6 project for a US DOE agency. And i recommended Ivan's classes to their staff as part of my own post project training curriculem.
  2. Agreed, fire drills are expensive and problematic.

    A planned migration is the most functional, most economical and least impactful way to do anything - especially IPv6.
  3. +1 to TJ Evans' comment.
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