Interesting links (2011-12-04)

Let’s start with people who are trying to fix real-life problems. Browser and OS vendors are working around the lack of session layer – happy eyeballs approach solves dual-stack problem in either OS stack (Apple) or in the browsers (Chrome, Firefox). The results are ... interesting ;) ... but it seems most implementations are on the right track.

Data Centers

Long-distance live migration moves within reach starts with a promising introductory paragraph (which is totally in line with my L2 DCI mythbusting) ...

In theory, long-distance live migration sounds like a great idea. In reality, it’s fraught with limitations, complexity and high costs -- at least for now.

... and then it goes on to describe yet another solution in search of a problem. Have they solved the hard problems (split subnets)? Of course not ... but I do have to admit F5 has one of the least horrible solutions.

Write your name in the clothes – document what you do and why ... right within the router configuration.

Domain sharding on demand. A great description of yet another web acceleration trick with the mandatory “F5 can do it” conclusion.

Sex, Lies and Vendors. Jon (@the_socialist) Hudson is describing the demise of VAR objectivity and how Stephen and his band of Merry Geeks (aka Tech Field Day delegates) can help you keep the facts straight.

Network World has managed to publish another masterpiece: 6 ways to build SDNs without OpenFlow. In response to that infinite wisdom Omar Baldonado described his experience with CLI-based networking device API (very familiar to anyone who had to develop an expect script) and came to the expected conclusion that OpenFlow rocks (hint: BigSwitch is developing an OpenFlow controller).

Cloudy weather

Interested in VMware’s vCloud Director? I was ... and gave up after collecting all the requirements. Now you can download a trial-ready appliance. Great job!

Cloud portability is another buzzword-bingo winner ... and Nati Shalom explains what can go wrong.


The Rosetta Stone of IT Industry Analysts. Hilarious ... and so true.


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