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Net::Beer in Krakow

I’ll be in Krakow for the PLNOG/EuroNOG conferences Wednesday through Friday. This is not the primary reason I’m arriving on Wednesday (although it does look tempting) – I wanted to have enough time for discussions with fellow networking engineers and Thursday afternoon/Friday will probably be pretty busy. So, if you’d like to chat with me about exciting networking technologies, just find me in the crowd (unfortunately I won’t be wearing this T-shirt) ... and if you’d like to have a more serious (and longer) discussion, get in touch with me or send me a tweet.

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  1. Beer + Networking Discussion + Ivan Pepelnjak. If I could afford the plane ticket I'd be there.

  2. I might catch you there for a beer or two :) :) :)

  3. Let's call it a beer at 8pm then, just to let us finish hands-on workshops safely. We'll meet at reception desk, and maybe we'll have some fancy t-shirts to spare :)

  4. I hope to see you there and be able to exchange few words.