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Category: SD-WAN

Video: Challenges of Managed SD-WAN Services

When I published a link to the Is MPLS/VPN Too Complex? blog post to LinkedIn, someone asked whether I’m skeptical about service provider SD-WAN services due to lack of skills, and Kristijan Taskovski quickly identified the root cause in his reply:

The argument of a lack of skill is only one that is perpetuated by businesses. It’s not perpetuated by engineers. People that are trained, honed, and knowledgeable are expensive. Expense is the number one enemy for a business.

That’s exactly why I think most managed SD-WAN services will be a dismal failure.

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Video: Managed SD-WAN Services

Should service providers offer managed SD-WAN services? According to Betteridge’s law of headlines, the answer is NO, and that’s exactly what I explained in a short video with the same name.

Turns out there’s not much to explain; even with my usual verbosity I was done in five minutes, so you might want to watch SD-WAN Technical Challenges as well.

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Scalable Policy Routing

More than a decade ago (before SD-WAN was even a thing) I wrote an article describing how easy it is to route different applications onto different links (MPLS/VPN versus IPsec tunnels) using a distance vector routing protocol (preferably BGP, although even RIP would work).

You might find it interesting that it’s possible to solve tough problems with good network design instead of proprietary unicorn dust, so I salvaged the article from some dusty archive, cleaned it up, polished it, and published it on

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Another SD-WAN Security SNAFU: SQL Injections in Cisco SD-WAN Admin Interface

Christoph Jaggi sent me a link to an interesting article describing security vulnerabilities pentesters found in Cisco SD-WAN admin/management code.

I’m positive the bugs have been fixed in the meantime, but what riled me most was the root cause: Little Bobby Tables (aka SQL injection) dropped by. Come on, it’s 2021, SD-WAN is supposed to be about building secure replacements for MPLS/VPN networks, and they couldn’t get someone who could write SQL-injection-safe code (the top web application security risk)?

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Video: Cisco SD-WAN Site Design

In the Site Design part of Cisco SD-WAN webinar, David Penaloza described capabilities you can use when designing complex sites, like extending SD-WAN transport between SD-WAN edge nodes, or implementing high availability between them. He also explained how to track an Internet-facing interface and a service beyond its next hop.

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Video: Cisco SD-WAN Routing Design

After reviewing Cisco SD-WAN policies, it’s time to dig into the routing design. In this section, David Penaloza enumerated several possible topologies, types of transport, their advantages and drawbacks, considerations for tunnel count and regional presence, and what you should consider beforehand when designing the solution from the control plane’s perspective.

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Azure Route Server: The Challenge

Imagine you decided to deploy an SD-WAN (or DMVPN) network and make an Azure region one of the sites in the new network because you already deployed some workloads in that region and would like to replace the VPN connectivity you’re using today with the new shiny expensive gadget.

Everyone told you to deploy two SD-WAN instances in the public cloud virtual network to be redundant, so this is what you deploy:

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Video: Cisco SD-WAN Policies and Centralized Magic

Right after Cisco SD-WAN devices are onboarded, how are the control and data plane tasks started? In this section, David Penaloza covers how Cisco SD-WAN solution makes the most of its SDN nature: single point of policy application and centralized management platform. The types of policies, the plane on which they act, their application and the actions that can performed are the main focus in this part of the series.

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SD-WAN Security: A Product Liability Insurance Law Would Certainly Help

On May 14th 2020, Marcel Gamma, tech industry journalist, and editor-in-chief at and, published an article discussing several glaring security vulnerabilities in Silver Peak’s SD-WAN products on The original article was written in German; Marcel was kind enough to translate it into English and get permission from his publisher to have the English version published on

Security researchers make serious accusations against SD-Wan manufacturer Silver Peak. The latter disagrees. Swiss experts are analyzing the case.

By Marcel Gamma,

Silver Peak is accused of laxity in dealing with security issues and in dealing with security researchers who act within the framework of Responsible Disclosure.

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