ExpertExpress – Online Help When and Where You Need It Most

Occasionally my readers ask me if I would be available for a consulting/design project (or send me questions that are actually design review/second opinion challenges).

TL&DR: No… but I created ExpertExpress service in 2011 to address those cases.

How can you use it? Anything goes. We’ve been doing technology briefings, design reviews, router configurations, troubleshooting… Just make sure your problem is well-defined so we won’t spend time trying to figure out what the problem is.

What do you need? An interesting challenge and some spare budget. Network diagrams and documentation help. We’ll use GoToWebinar or Zoom, so it makes sense to have a diagram that approximates your network topology to draw on.

How does it work? It’s just a few simple steps:

  • You send us the description of the topic you’d like to cover. We might say no – after all, although we have a team providing this service, we’re not experts in everything network-related;
  • We send you a link to purchase the service, you swipe your credit card, we schedule the online whiteboarding call, and we try to solve your problem.

No paperwork? No paperwork. Not negotiable.

No NDA. If you’re concerned about your confidential data, change the network diagrams/addressing/configurations, and contact us from your private e-mail address. Also, don’t forget that we’re in a reputation-based business; we can’t afford to be a blabbermouth.

No SOW. The service definition is clear & simple – we’ll try to solve your problem in a live conference call, we’ll spend between one and one and a half hour, and we’ll refund you (actually, cancel the credit card transaction) if you’re not happy with the results.

Exclusions? Sure – don’t expect us to read book-size network designs or write extensive follow-up reports.

Next steps? Read the service definition, find an interesting challenge, and get in touch.


  1. Ha. And this is the first step to stop buying SmartNet from Cisco. Great idea !!!

    mirek from
  2. Actually it's not ... I can't promise guaranteed response times, won't do mission-critical troubleshooting, upgrade your software or ship you replacement parts (or replace broken equipment in your network).
  3. Of course, but very often some troubleshooting tips (without bureaucracy) can't save hours. For me it's a good idea also in plan/design phase.
    For my point of view product is directed for enterprise segment (not normal users). From perspective of enterprise spending 300$ for 60-90 minutes with world class expert is amazing opportunity.

    mirek from
  4. It's definitely not a consumer-grade/SMB service, but you'd be surprised by the range of existing users - anything from small consulting companies verifying their ideas and system integrators checking their designs to high-end enterprises or service providers that need specific in-depth expertise.
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