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For the record: I am not against OpenFlow ...

... as some of its supporters seem to believe every now and then (I do get severe allergic reaction when someone claims it will change the laws of physics or when I’m faced with technical inaccuracies not to mention knee-jerking financial experts). Even more, assuming it can cross the adoption gap, it could fundamentally change the business models of networking vendors (maybe not in the way you’d like them to be changed). You can read more about my OpenFlow views in the article I wrote for SearchNetworking.

On the more technological front, I still don’t expect to see miracles. Most OpenFlow-related ideas I’ve heard about have been tried (and failed) before. I fail to see why things would be different just because we use a different protocol to program the forwarding tables.


  1. OpenFlow is not just a flow programing, it came with hypervisor this time.
    Like MPLS didn't fly untilll VPN/TE came up, may be this time is different? what you think :)
  2. or flowvisor, which give network more granularity in term of visualization
  3. Yup. Because paying for apps on network gear is so popular today. Moving from black boxes to the IT model of hardware and software will be a huge cultural shift over the next decade. IMHO.
  4. To some degree we've already been here before. I can imagine adding Openflow support to a centralized routing system like the Alcatel 5620 and reviving the past but this time with anyone's switch hardware.
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