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Interesting links (2011-04-17)

Data Center

RFC 6165 documents the layer-2 related IS-IS extensions. No more excuses along the “TRILL standards are not ready” lines. Are you listening, Brocade and HP?

Data Center Feng Shui: Architecting for Predictable Performance. A nice introductory explanation of advantages of hardware-based forwarding.

When is a Fabric not a Fabric? Juniper continues the “who’s the smartest kid on the block” game. I thought we’re all adults; stop the “bright future” promises and get the products out.

Is Open Compute A Game-Changer? Collection of responses to Facebook’s Open Compute initiative.

Cisco OTV Deep Dive: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Enjoy!


APNIC ran out of IPv4 addresses. This went faster than I’ve expected; my last week’s predictions were second half of April.

IPv6: The Five Stages of Grief. Highly amusing. And don’t forget – NIL also has a Professional Services team, so do request a quote if you decide to use external help in your IPv6 deployment.

Other bits-and-pieces

34 thoughts for 34 years. Good ones. Read, mull over, use, repeat.

Skeptic’s checklist. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A must-have every time you read a report from an “independent industry analyst” (you know, the T*, G*, L* and I* crowd ... now if only someone could make a nice acronym out of that like PIGS).

Ship it! It doesn’t help if you have a perfect product that you delay forever because it’s missing just one more feature.

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  1. Try to apply "Skeptic's checklist" to Cisco's article "IPv6: The Five Stages of Grief", and see some interesting results.. :-P

  2. The only thing it spells out is GLIT. You can take it with a pinch of salt like the statement, "Everything that GLITters is not gold". :-D