Content over IPv6: No Excuses!

Yesterday I spent the whole day at another fantastic IPv6 Summit organized by Jan Žorž of the go6 institute. He managed to get two networking legends: Patrik Fältström (he was, among numerous other things, a member of Internet Architecture Board) had the keynote speech (starts @ 11:40) and Daniel Karrenberg (of the RIPE fame) was chairing the technical panel discussion. My small contribution was a half-hour talk on the importance of IPv6-enabled content (starts @ 37:00).

Short summary of my presentation: mobile operators are moving to IPv6 and they don’t care if your IPv4 content is left behind as long as their teen customers can get to YouTube and Facebook, so it’s time to get your act together.

Some people found it interesting (Daniel said it was the only presentation in Slovenian he managed to understand; try if you're as good as he is ;) and you can view the slides on SlideShare.

The technical panel was also great fun. I simply had to mention some of my old grudges, including the interesting twists you have to use to make DHCPv6 work, and Jan Bervar (one of the top security CCIEs) simply had to provoke everyone with a NAT66 question ... and we found some more meat to chew on that old bone until Jan Žorž reminded us that NAT66 is the only thing standing between us and a beer.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the summit, thnx for your enormous contribution and help, appreciated.

    You missed the great dinner with Patrik and others, that was so fun... maybe next time :)

    Cheers, Jan
  2. To bad I don't know slovenian. English version?
  3. Spring 2011 as a webinar (similar to the "Upcoming Internet Challenges" one).
  4. Direct link to keynote speech:
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