Tweak the Search Engine rankings to push IPv6

We all know that IPv6 deployment is a chicken-and-egg problem: Service Providers are slow to adopt IPv6 because they can’t charge for it and the content providers don’t care because there are no IPv6 customers.

My good friend Jan Žorž got a great idea during the Google IPv6 Implementers Conference and finally managed to write it down: all we need is a slight search engine preference for sites reachable over IPv4 and IPv6. A small well-publicized tweak in Google’s scoring algorithm would push the content providers toward IPv6 and force web hosting companies to roll out IPv6 support immediately.


  1. Thnx for reading, I hope that we can pull this through with search engines...
  2. I met Vint Cerf at IGF conference in Vilnius, but we did not manage to discuss this topic; lack of time for a topic of this importance and delicacy, he said as he was in a hurry...
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