Where could we expect to see Wimax?

In another Ask the Expert topic, I’m answering the question on expected Wimax deployment scenarios. Although I personally believe it’s a better technology than LTE (and obviously I cannot comment on the RAN part of either), I don’t expect existing mobile operators to pick it up, as they’ve thrown too much money into the GSM/HSCSD/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA neverending story.

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  1. I am also doing Wimax trails in India. If we talk about technology, it is wonderful and better than LTE and no one even knows when LTE will come in picture. My keen objectie is to use ASN-Gty as LNS server, so that we could server enterprise as well as home user.

    Shivlu Jain
  2. I've got WIMaX as VPN GRE tunnel for a backup to my MPLS. Unfortunately I can only get it at one site. I've tried the same thing with cell cards, but I don't think the providers are ready. The tunnels never seem to hold, plus no provider that I can find has any clue on the business end of how to support this.
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