Another green initiative from Cisco Systems

Cisco has unveiled numerous green solutions in the last few months, including energy-saving ASR 9000 router and GreenWise initiative. Now they went a step further and implemented some of the old energy-efficient wireless technologies, proving that you don’t always need new technologies to address the energy efficiency (see also Myth #8 in Top 10 Myths about Sustainability).

The first step in GreenWise wireless rollout are the new high-density line cards for the ASR 9000 routers. The port adapters and SFP modules in these line cards will support RFC 1149 with its low-electricity requirements, low-emission focused RFC 1926 as well as RFC 4824 addressing the needs of the health care vertical market. The first release of the line cards will not support all QoS requirements of RFC 2549 due to the limited processing power of the on-card PPU.

You can find detailed information on these revolutionary line cards and adapters among the other in-depth data sheets documenting ASR 9000 platform and line cards (snapshot of the page).


  1. Do you know any vendor implementing rfc1605 technology in their products?
  2. That would be Nortel, but I hear they're not doing so well these days, so they've probably dropped the translational products portfolio.
  3. Next year Cisco will implement RFC 3093 in the ASA. They says it will be active only with "service internal".
  4. The equivalent of RFC 3093 has already been implemented as HTTP Tunnel.

    OK, maybe I should post this reply tomorrow, otherwise you'll not take it seriously ;)
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