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Router as a TFTP server

Shaun needed an extra TFTP server in CCNP labs and asked whether you could use a router to act as one. The read-only (download only) TFTP functionality has been available in Cisco IOS for a long time, but the common wisdom was that you could only use the TFTP server function to serve current IOS image.

Fortunately, as of IOS 11.0, the function is more generic; you can serve any file residing on the router (you still cannot upload files), but you have to declare each file to be served with the tftp-server path global configuration command. You could even specify an alias to have the file available under a different name and attach an access list to each configured file to restrict its availability.

Note: This article is part of You've asked for it series.

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  1. advantage of using Router as TFTP server

  2. no therer is no advantage for usign router as tftp server :-P

  3. CAn you please tell me how to configure a router as a tftp server so that I can copy the
    config file from one to the other.

  4. Read the post (above), identify the command (hint: it's in the bold), if needed, consult the documentation for your IOS on CCO.