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Sample configuration: periodic upload of router configuration

Pete Vickers sent me a very interesting configuration sample:

To get an IOS device to upload it’s configuration periodically to an external FTP server:

ip ftp source-interface loopback 0
ip ftp username ftp_username
ip ftp password ftp_password
file prompt quiet
kron policy-list backup
 cli copy running-config
kron occurrence daily-backup at 0:30 recurring
 policy-list backup

The beauty of this example is that you can use it on platforms that don't support Embedded Event Manager (which has a very similar cron functionality) as the kron commands were introduced in 12.2T and 12.3 IOS releases.

Note: You have to use the file prompt quiet configuration command as the commands executed by kron cannot supply any user input

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  1. On 12.4:

    ! configure config archival
    router(config-archive)#path scp://user:[email protected]/
    ! where to archive
    ! archive every "write mem"
    router(config-archive)#time-period 1440
    ! also archive daily

  2. I want to use scp to copy the running config in a daily cron job, how can I add a public key to the router so I don't have to include the password in the scp command?

    e.g. I've got
    "scp -q [email protected]$ROUTER:running-config $CONFIGFILE"

    and on my linux box I've generated a public/private key pair, and I'm wanting to put the public key onto the router...

    I know I could save from the router to a server as per this blog post, but I want to have the server make the request as I have it doing it for other devices and it makes sense to have it all in one place.

  3. Haven't found a solution yet, if anyone knows how to do it, please share it with us.

  4. Why not just use:

    do show run | redirect tftp://

    as the kron policy? Then you don't need additional commands to copy the config. I'm putting these on all my routers, naming the file after the router, so I have a central repository of backups that get automatically replaced once a week.

  5. Can you do this also vice versa? e.g. copy tftp:x.x.x.x running-config? I cannot make it work because the command is interactive...

    1. Either disable the verbose option (there's a configuration command to do that) or use EEM with prompts. Both things are described somewhere on my blog.


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