Re-enable debugging without EEM

In his comment to my post about re-enabling debugging after router reload, Mike pointed out an interesting IOS feature: you can execute the do command from a configuration file, not just from the user interface. To make his tip even more useful, you can store the do command(s) in an external file on a TFTP server, not in the startup configuration (which would have to be edited manually). With the boot host URL configuration command you'd then ensure that these commands are executed after the router reload.

  • The router expects a newline character at the end of the configuration file. The best way to ensure it's always there is to add a comment line at the end of the file
  • The configuration file load usually fails immediately after the reboot, as the interfaces and IP routing processes are not yet fully operational. You might thus miss the first few seconds of the router's operations (unless you store the extra configuration file Flash or NVRAM).
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