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Yearly subscription: too good to be true?

Occasionally I get e-mails from readers that can’t believe my description of yearly webinar subscription is correct. A few days ago I got this set of questions:

If I pay the $199.00 does that mean I have access to ALL of your webinars?

Absolutely, all sixteen of them (with new ones being added every two or three months). And don’t forget you also get unlimited access to all live webinars.

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Yearly subscription now available without a webinar registration

Some of my readers wanted to buy the yearly subscription but couldn’t decide which webinar to register for first (the yearly subscription was sold as webinar tickets). Fortunately the database structure I used for recordings turned out to be easily extendable; you can now buy the yearly subscription directly from my website with Google Checkout.

The amount of the material you get with the yearly subscription is also growing: you get access to recordings of sixteen webinars (and growing), all corresponding PDFs and well over 150 router configurations ... plus unlimited access to all live webinar sessions for the duration of your subscription.

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Yearly subscription to my webinars

A while ago I got an interesting challenge from one of my readers: “I would like to attend a few of your webinars, but the problem I have is that I’m interested in most of them. Is there something we can do?” After a few e-mails, we nailed down the concept I had been playing with for quite a while: yearly subscription package. It gives you three unlimited access to all live webinars and year-long access to all the materials and all the recordings I ever made for a fixed price. You can find a detailed description, list of all recordings and list of all available materials on my web site.

Buying the yearly subscription is easy: select the first webinar you’re interested in (the list of upcoming webinars is also on my web site) and buy the Yearly subscription ticket when registering; you can also buy directly from my web site. You’ll get access to the recordings and PDF materials a few minutes after the registration.

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