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Save IOS printouts in a file

IOS release 12.2(13)T (integrated in IOS release 12.3) has added the capability to redirect output of an IOS show command to a file. This feature uses Unix-style pipes (similar to the include, exclude and section keywords) and adds append, redirect and tee (redirect + print) keywords.

The show output can be redirected to a local filename (in flash, on usb token or even in NVRAM) or sent to a remote server (currently only FTP and TFTP servers are supported). For example, the show ip interface brief | redirect ftp://student:[email protected]/ifstatus command will store the current interface status to an FTP server.

Note: the append (or tee /append) operation only works on destinations that support the file append operation: class-C flash file systems, local disks, USB tokens and NVRAM.
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Summarize IOS printouts (example: Frame Relay DLCIs)

I've always wanted a short summary display of DLCIs configured on my Frame Relay boxes (or whatever your favorite WAN technology is), but the only printout I would get from the router would be the lengthy show frame pvc printout. Fortunately, a judicious use of output filters can get you a summary printout from almost anything Cisco IOS produces.
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