DMVPN Videos Are Free to Download

It looks like DMVPN is still kicking; every other blue moon, I get a “Thank you” note from someone figuring out the DMVPN details from my first DMVPN webinar, so I decided to make those videos public. You can watch any video from the DMVPN Technology and Configuration without registration.

A tangential note in case you’re wondering how “easy” it is to refurbish old stuff:

  • The webinar was recorded as a WebEx ARF recording.
  • The WebEx MP4 exporter I used when trying to generate videos from my old ARF files was broken and couldn’t produce usable videos after a long silence (I muted the microphone during a coffee break). I gave up at that time
  • A few weeks ago, I decided to replay the recording and create videos from the screen capture.
  • Finally, it took my audio editor quite a while to make the sound recorded with 8-bit 8 kHz codec (thank you, WebEx) sound better than Apollo 11 communications with Houston.


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