netlab 1.7.1: Eye Candy

What do you get when you write code next to a Christmas tree? You can expect to get tons of eye candy, and that’s what netlab release 1.7.1 is all about.

It all started with a cleanup idea: I could replace the internal ASCII table-drawing code with the prettytable library. Stefan was quick to point out that I should be looking at the rich library, and the rest is history:

  • netlab up/down/test commands got nicer section headers and color-coded status messages.
  • All error messages are now color-coded.
  • Tables use Unicode characters that result in perfectly-looking tables.
  • YAML and JSON printouts go through the rich library that prettifies them.

We also fixed way too many bugs and added a few things you might find helpful (as opposed to great-looking):

  • You can automatically create nodes from group members, so you don’t have to specify the same node twice.
  • In validation tests, you can use the ‘wait’ parameter to wait for the control-plane protocols to start.
  • VXLAN module can use any loopback interface (not just the Loopback0) for the VTEP IP address
  • You can run (properly packaged) Juniper vPTX can run as a container

Upgrading or Starting from Scratch

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